The Power of Belief

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What do you hope for as you begin your journey with My Amelia James? Think about that for a moment. What are your hopes? What are your dreams?

Do you hope to bring some financial stability to you and your family? Improve the backyard? Go on that dream vacation? Maybe you hope to connect with other passionate women, creating a supportive community. You may hope to set a strong example for your children…or your children’s children. Or maybe you hope that a unicorn flies over your house and poops gumdrops and glitter as the sun rises every morning.

Welcome to the Power Series for My Amelia James, where women are empowered to live a life by design!

We all have hopes and dreams. Some are far-reaching. Some are selfless, even admirable. Some feel selfish. There are some we would NEVER admit to another soul. Whatever those hopes, whatever those dreams, imagine if they could be transformed into beliefs.

This happened to a group of elementary school teachers in the 1960’s. Summer likely involved a combination of working their #sidehustles and rocking out to some summer jams by The Supremes, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. August soon rolled around and attention shifted to the upcoming school year. Like most years, these teachers probably had hopes and dreams of making a positive impact on their students. Then researchers Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson came to town and shook things up in a big way!

The students all took an IQ test at the beginning of the year and the teachers were told that the test was developed at Harvard (it wasn’t) and that it measured academic “blooming” (it didn’t). The teachers were also told which students in their classrooms scored in the top 20% of blooming (lies! all lies!). The students identified as “bloomers” were just picked randomly. In other words, if a class had 25 kids, the teacher was told which 5 were sure to make the greatest academic gains.

Here is the wildest part. The students were all tested again at the end of the year and guess which students actually made the biggest gains… That’s right, the students identified as “bloomers.” The teachers were not told to treat the fake “bloomers” differently but their beliefs that these students would make great gains created that very reality. In some circles, this is called a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Hopes and dreams are nice and sweet. But hopes and dreams are passive. Beliefs drive action. And action creates reality.  

Do you believe that your journey with My Amelia James will be life-changing? Do you believe that your financial future will be one of abundance? Do you believe that your community will be filled with the most uplifting women ever? Do you believe that you can grow your inner beauty and strength to the point that it has to burst out of you, consuming all in your path? Hell yes! Do you believe that there is actually a unicorn that flies and poops gumdrops and glitter? No! The obvious answer to the last question is no. But if you can say yes to any of the others, you and I will get along just fine. And you will find yourself at home with My Amelia James.

Call to Action:

            Transforming hopes into beliefs sounds great but how? The answer: create beliefs through language. Instead of saying, “wouldn’t it be nice if _____,” say, “I will _____.” Instead of saying, “I hope that _____,” say, “I am going to _____.”

            Language is a secret weapon we use every day. The problem is, many of us haven’t felt the power. Are you using language for good or for evil?

When I talk about beliefs, I’m talking about the deep-rooted, subconscious driving force of our being. Beliefs are not the speed boats we manipulate to and fro on a lake creating wake for adventurous tubers. Beliefs are the ocean freighters carrying us steadily across choppy waters. It takes time to change course. It takes time to change beliefs.

Start with your language.


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