The Power of SMART Goals

by Arianna Jesinghaus on April 02, 2017

The Power of SMART Goals

            From day one at My Amelia James, you were encouraged to do more than just dream big. You were encouraged to transform hopes and dreams into beliefs. When you truly believe something about yourself, your most powerful driving force starts to move you in that direction: your subconscious mind.

            Your subconscious mind is a ferocious, fire breathing dragon ready to soar. And your conscious mind is mighty Queen Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones, the Mother of Dragons. When your subconscious and conscious minds are working together in harmony, you can go anywhere and obliterate any obstacle in your path. If you think Daenerys is powerful riding on the wings of her dragons, wait until you feel your own driving force lining up with your conscious intentions!

Welcome back to the Power Series for My Amelia James, where women are empowered to live a life by design! Today we look at the Power of SMART Goals.

Daenerys doesn’t tame her dragons. She doesn’t control them. But she understands and respects their power. She aligns herself with them to help advance her campaign to the Iron Throne (ok, enough Game of Thrones references for today).

Similarly, we can align our conscious mind with our own powerful driving force. SMART Goals provide a step-by-step approach to achieving our dreams.

On the first of the year, gyms around the country are flooded with very motivated people excited to reach their weight loss goals. Why, then, do the same gyms empty out after two weeks?

Excitement fades. And if our goals are driven by excitement, they will never be reached either. We need to be smart about goal setting.

SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely 

Take weight loss, for example. Someone might say on New Year’s Eve, “My resolution is to lose 30 pounds this year.” Someone else says, “My resolution is to lose 3 pounds a month for the next year by going to the gym 3 days per week.” Let’s run these New Year’s Resolutions through our SMART Goals format to see who has a better chance at reaching their goal.


            Both goals are specific. The first person wants to lose 30 pounds and the second wants to lose 3 pounds a month. It would be another thing if they said, “I want to lose some weight this year.” “Some weight” is NOT specific.


            Both goals are measurable because they were specific. Weight loss, money saved, and time spent on a craft are easily measured. Goals around relationships and other intangible things are harder to measure, but not impossible.


            This is the “how to” aspect. The first person wants to lose weight but how will she do it? The second person wants to lose weight by going to the gym 3 days a week. She knows how she will attain her weight loss goal.


            Both goals are technically realistic. It is possible to lose 3 pounds a month or 30 pounds in a year (if you have a little excess weight). The goal of losing 80 pountds for someone who weighs 130 is not realistic.

  (Note: My recommendation to keep goals realistic does NOT mean I want you to limit your goals. There is a difference between having very high goals for yourself and having unrealistic goals. Some of the greatest feats ever accomplished seemed unrealistic to many.)


            The first person gave herself a timeline of one year. The second plans to measure her success each month. Who do you think has a better chance at success? We tend to stay on task better with shorter time frames

You have the best chance at success when you believe you will succeed AND when you have the right game plan. SMART Goals provide the framework for that game plan. You’ve got this!

Call to Action:

            I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to WRITE OUT your SMART Goals. I hope you have been thinking about some specific goals as you’ve read this post. Time to put those goals down on paper…or on poster board…or on a 8 foot tall white board in your home office. The bigger the better!

            Think big and write out that goal on the top of your page (or poster board, or white board). Then break it down underneath using the SMART Goals format.

For example:

Goal: I am going to kick ass!

Specific: For the next month, this is the ass I’m going to kick by doing these specific things!

Measurable: This is exactly how much ass I’m going to kick!

Attainable: I’m going to kick ass by doing this!

Realistic: I know I’m capable of kicking this much ass, even if others doubt me!

Timely: I’m going to kick this much ass this month, and I’m going to break it down with ass kicking benchmarks each week!

            It’s time to soar!


Dr. Dan is a licensed psychologist, your biggest cheerleader, and the go-to positivity force behind My Amelia James.


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