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2018 Updates:

New Year Activity Bonus

Activity Bonus for all sponsors – Starting January 1
While we finalize our new back office software system, Amelia James has an Activity Bonus that is designed to reward sponsors for helping their personally sponsored Reps grow their business in the New Year!
As the sponsor of an established Rep, you can help her with tips, training and overall guidance.  When you contact personally sponsored Reps on your team this year, make sure she/he is selling clothing to new customers and repeat customers.  At the end of each month, make a list of all your personally sponsored Reps who sold at least $500 (retail) sales in the calendar month and forward that list to home office at sales@myameliajames.com.  No more sales forms from established Reps are necessary, simply a list of names from the sponsor showing the personally sponsored Reps who sold $500 in the month.  This report from sponsors must be received no later than 48 hours after the close of the month.
Sponsors will receive an Activity Bonus once they have three or more personally sponsored Reps Active in the calendar month.
Sponsors will receive a $30 sales credit for each personally sponsored Active Rep.
And remember, sponsors, are eligible for an Activity Bonus every month this year until our new software support system and compensation plan are introduced. 
Thanks for helping all of our Reps have a productive New Year!

New Year Sponsoring Bonus

Sponsoring Bonus continues into the New Year.

Amelia James will continue the sponsoring bonus until the new back office software system and compensation plan are implemented. 
We want our New Reps to get off to a fantastic start by turning their starter kit into cash.

As the sponsor of the new Rep, you can help her/him with encouragement, training and overall support.  When you contact the new Rep, make sure she/he is selling the contents of the kit as quickly as possible.  Once she/he sells at least 50% of her/his kit in the first 30 days after delivery of the kit, you, the sponsor, will receive a bonus and the new rep will receive a congratulatory call from Amelia James home office team.
As soon as the new rep sells 50% of her kit, have her send in the Amelia JamesSales Form (found on the AJ website) and a list of her sales showing customers and products sold. 
Send the form to sales@myameliajames.com
This information has provided great insight to our team so that we can continue to provide our best-selling items, please continue to have new Reps fill out the forms.   
Once the Sales Form is received, our home office team will contact the new Rep and you, the sponsor, will be eligible for a $100 Sponsoring Bonus for each new Rep.  Sponsor three (3) new Reps in a month (all selling $500 or more to customers) and Amelia James will give you an extra $200 ($500 total).
Remember, the new Rep needs to sell 50% of her starter kit in the first 30 days after receiving her kit and send in her Sales Form.
Thanks for helping all of our new Reps get off to a fabulous New Year!!

Buy Back Policy

Amelia James offers a buyback program for any Representative who cancels her Agreement with Amelia James. 
Upon cancellation of the Agreement, the Representative may return all products and sales aids purchased within twelve (12) months from the date of cancellation for a refund if he or she is unable to sell or use the merchandise. A Representative may only return products he or she personally purchased from the Company and which are in Resalable Condition. The representative may only return products that are unused and in their original packaging. Upon Amelia James’s receipt of the products and sales aids, the Representative will be reimbursed ninety percent (90%) of the net cost of the original purchase price because of the imposition of a ten percent (10%) restocking fee. 
Any new Representatives who return their Starter Kit and all products purchased from Amelia James within 14 days after delivery of the Starter Kit will receive a 100% refund on their Starter Kit and sales aids that are unused and in resalable condition. 
Representatives are responsible for return shipping costs and must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from Amelia James


Customer Support Phone Number: 
  • 1-844-396-3440 (NEW NUMBER!) 
  • Email: RepSupport@myameliajames.com
  • Hours of operation: M-F 9:30am - 4:30pm (MST)


The 'Find A Rep' map has been updated on our website. If you don't see yourself on this map and would like to be added, please follow these instructions... 

1. Visit www.myameliajames.com

2. Select 'Current Reps'

3. Select 'Add to Rep Locator'

3. Login to your account or use password inspire2017

4. Complete the form and hit submit

The map is updated weekly. Please note- This form is optional and an address is required on the form. If you're not comfortable listing your home address, we suggest a PO Box or near by public landmark.