Welcome to the My Amelia James Rep information page. Here you can find the latest updates and announcements. :) 


Buy Back Policy

Amelia James offers a buyback program for any Representative who cancels her Agreement with Amelia James. 
Upon cancellation of the Agreement, the Representative may return all products and sales aids purchased within twelve (12) months from the date of cancellation for a refund if he or she is unable to sell or use the merchandise. A Representative may only return products he or she personally purchased from the Company and which are in Resalable Condition. The representative may only return products that are unused and in their original packaging. Upon Amelia James’s receipt of the products and sales aids, the Representative will be reimbursed ninety percent (90%) of the net cost of the original purchase price because of the imposition of a ten percent (10%) restocking fee. 
Any new Representatives who return their Starter Kit and all products purchased from Amelia James within 14 days after delivery of the Starter Kit will receive a 100% refund on their Starter Kit and sales aids that are unused and in resalable condition. 
Representatives are responsible for return shipping costs and must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from Amelia James


2017 is quickly coming to an end! As a small business owner, it’s important to ensure you are ready for tax season.

As an Amelia James representative, you are responsible for your income taxes and sales taxes for your individual state. Amelia James does not currently collect sales tax on any of our product sales to you.

To ensure that you are abiding by these sales tax rules we ask that you email us your Resale Certificate from the state in which you registered to collect sales tax in OR complete the attached statement to acknowledge that you plan to pay your state sales tax. Please email this information to accounting@myameliajames.com. This is a requirement of being an Amelia James Rep in 2017.  Beginning November 20, you will not be able to participate in upcoming launches unless we receive this information.

If you have questions regarding your sales taxes or how to remit payment to your state, please contact a tax professional in your area.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the information above please contact repsupport@myameliajames.com. Please know, we are not able to advise on personal tax questions and will direct you to find a tax professional in your area. 

Beginning January 1, 2018, Amelia James will collect sales tax on all of your wholesale purchases for the suggested retail amount and will remit payment to your state. What does this mean for you? Next year you won’t have to worry about paying sales tax to your state. We will take care of it for you!! (*You will still be responsible for state and federal income tax).

We hope you had an ah-mazing first year with Amelia James! Cheers to many more! 


Congrats to our Rep of the Week!

Please help us congratulate our Rep of the week, Rachel Johnson from Texas! Rachel has been part of the Amelia James Team since February! 
A word from Rachel:
“In my spare time, I love hanging out on our farm, curling up on the couch with my littles and my husband watching a movie, camping, listening to country music, and spending time with friends and family. My favorite food is Italian, and Seafood, and Mexican, and BBQ, and....yeah...I like food! I don't discriminate against most kinds of food! :) 
What I love most about Amelia James (I have to pick ONE thing!!??) is the opportunity to do something I love alongside women that inspire me to be a better person and be able to help others feel beautiful, confident, and worthy to be loved where they're at. I want my kids to see that hard work really does pay off, but even more, that helping others along the way is a greater reward!”
Rachel is an amazing team leader! She does a great job highlighting her team’s success and communicating with them. Rachel always has a positive attitude and makes us smile over the phone. Here at Headquarters, we look up to Rachel and her courage to have tough conversations in a successful and respectable manner.
Thank you, Rachel, for all that you do. You are truly AMAZING and we appreciate your hard work more than words could say!
Amelia James Headquarters Team!

Compensation Plan Transition 

Just like the weather, we are officially in transition to our compensation plan, which is expected to release early 2018. As we prepare for this compensation plan we have two new bonus opportunities that will be effective October 1, 2017. These will replace all prior bonuses and clothing credits. 

First Fall Activity Bonus 

Activity Bonus for all sponsors – Starting October 1

Amelia James has an Activity Bonus that is designed to reward sponsors for helping their personally sponsored Reps grow their business this fall (October 1 – December 31).

We want our established Reps to continue to sell Amelia James clothing to customers this fall.  The best way to grow a business is to be active every month.

As the sponsor of an established Rep (not new Reps), you can help her with tips, training and overall guidance.  When you contact personal sponsored Reps on your team this fall, make sure she is selling clothing to new customers and repeat customers.  As soon as one of your Reps sells at least $500 (retail) sales in the calendar month, have her fill out the Amelia James Sales Form (found on the AJ website) along with the Sales Report Template (found in the Rep Folder on Dropbox).  Not only will this information be very helpful in knowing what products are trending, it will give us an idea of how many customers purchased multiple items.

Once an established personally sponsored Rep on your team sells $500 for the month and we receive her Sales Form, the Rep will receive a congratulatory email from Amelia James home office team and the sponsor of the Rep will be eligible for an Activity Bonus.

Sponsors will receive an Activity Bonus once they have three or more personally sponsored Reps Active in the calendar month.

Sponsors will receive a $25 sales credit for each personally sponsored Active Rep.

And remember, sponsors, are eligible for an Activity Bonus every month this fall (October, November, and December).

 *The established Rep needs to sell $500 for the calendar month and submit her Sales Form by 12:00am MST on the last day of the month. 

Thanks for helping all of our Reps have a productive First Fall!

Fantastic Fall Sponsoring Bonus

New Sponsoring Bonus – Starting October 1

(Only Reps who purchased their Kit on or after October 1, are eligible to submit their report) 

Amelia James has a new sponsoring bonus for the remainder of the year (October 1 – December 31).

This replaces the current sponsoring bonus* that ended September 30.

We want our New Reps to get off to a fantastic start this fall by turning their starter kit into cash.

As the sponsor of the new Rep, you can help her with encouragement, training and overall support.  When you contact the new rep, make sure she is selling the contents of the kit as quickly as possible.  Once she sells at least 50% retail value of her kit in the first 30 days after delivery of the kit, you, the sponsor, will receive a bonus and the new rep will receive a congratulatory call from Amelia James home office team.

As soon as the new rep sells 50% of her kit, have her fill out the Amelia James Sales Form (found on the AJ website) along with the Sales Report Template (found in the Rep Folder on Dropbox). 

Not only will this information be very helpful for ordering new products for future kits, it will give us an idea of how many customers purchased multiple items.

Once the Sales Form is received, our home office team will contact the new rep and you, the sponsor, will be eligible for a Sponsoring Bonus:

  • $100 Sponsoring bonus if new Rep purchased the $1000 starter kit
  • $200 Sponsoring bonus if new Rep purchased the $3000 starter kit
  • $300 Sponsoring bonus if new Rep purchased the $5000 starter kit

Remember, the new Rep needs to sell 50% of her starter kit in the first 30 days after receiving her kit and send in her Sales Form.

Thanks for helping all of our new Reps get off to a Fantastic start this fall!

* Note: Any new Rep who signed up prior to October 1, even if she is still waiting for her kit to be delivered, will be under the old bonus program.

Amelia James Rep Retreat

Thank you to all those who joined us this weekend in San Diego. It was truly magical and we were honored to meet you in person! Please watch out for our weekly newsletter with a full recap & more photos!


Congrats to our Rep of the Week! 

Please help us congratulate our Rep of the week, Angie Rodden! Angie is one of our first 20 Reps and has been part of the Amelia James family since it all began.

A word from Angie:

“I love spending time with my family in my free time and can't wait for Saturday's to hit when we have a family day out! We usually hit our favorite steakhouse for the best salad bar ever! My favorite food, however, is Mexican and anything pasta related! Yep, I am a carb girl 😂!!! I love fall though because of course, that means pumpkin everything! Foodie over here! It shows too!

I love Amelia James because it has allowed me to prove to myself and those who doubted how successful I could be staying at home and being here if my children needed me! I have a 19, 16, and 7-year old who are my life! I am extremely successful and thank Amelia James for allowing me this opportunity! My favorite thing about Amelia James though has got to be my amazing downline these girls rock and I am so proud to work with them and watch them grow it's truly amazing how far we have come as a team! I love you ladies like family!”

WOW, what a powerful message!

We are so grateful to have an amazing Rep like Angie. She is a great Team leader and maintains consistent communication with headquarters. Angie upholds Amelia James' policies & procedures and communicates them to her team. She is always looking on the bright side of any obstacles that come in her path. Angie is always polite, understanding, and patient with our entire Amelia James team! She always participates in her community and is constantly looking for ways to give back to others!

Thank you, Angie, for all that you do. You are truly AMAZING and we appreciate your hard work more than words could say!


Amelia James Headquarters team!!




Visit http://amelia.gss.us/ to sign into your back office. 


  • Please contact repsupport@myameliajames.com if you have not yet received your back-office invite (the invite was sent via email) 
  • This is our initial roll-out and not all functionality will be available. 
  • Please ensure that your upline and downline are correct. If your upline is incorrect please contact RepSupport@myameliajames.com 
  • ALL Reps will need to have their W-9, Rep Agreement, and Policies & Procedures filled out and returned BEFORE September 30th. These forms can be found in your Online Library

We have had an AH-MAZING few months! And we are thrilled to announce two new team members to assist with your Rep experience. Veronica & Maddie have joined headquarters and will be answering your questions.

Customer Support Phone Number: 
  • 1-844-396-3440 (NEW NUMBER!) 
  • Email: RepSupport@myameliajames.com
  • Hours of operation: M-F 9:30am - 4:30pm (MST)


The 'Find A Rep' map has been updated on our website. If you don't see yourself on this map and would like to be added, please follow these instructions... 

1. Visit www.myameliajames.com

2. Select 'Current Reps'

3. Select 'Add to Rep Locator'

3. Login to your account or use password inspire2017

4. Complete the form and hit submit

The map is updated weekly. Please note- This form is optional and an address is required on the form. If you're not comfortable listing your home address, we suggest a PO Box or near by public landmark.